Katie Benoit and Kaitlin Strobel the inspiration and the founder of Kait and Toby jewelryThe Kait and Toby collection is inspired by my close friend Katie (nicknamed Toby). In 2012, Katie’s boyfriend, Will, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After unsuccessful rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, he fortunately had a successful stem-cell transplant. When Will reached his post-surgery 100-day post-transplant milestone, he proposed to Katie. To honor their journey, Katie added two peridots, the green gem to support awareness of lymphoma, as accent stones to her diamond wedding band.  I thought this was a beautiful way for her to honor her husband and all that they had been through together.  From this concept, the Kait and Toby brand was born, based on a single Significant Stone that is set with diamonds creating a unique and personalized piece of jewelry.